Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Chorleywood Circular

Gabriel Newfield led this walk for Hampstead Ramblers. Jane Rosoux reports...

"I attach photographs I took on today's 14.5 mile circular ramble from Chorleywood led by Gabriel Newfield from which to make a selection for the Rambling On blog.

There were 14 in the party and the weather was good.

[Gabriel is fourth from the left.]

We passed the picturesque Sarratt Church...

shortly after the service had ended. After a brief stop in the woods we followed good paths across rolling farmland and then the Twelve Apostles Pond...

... - the twelve apostles were twelve trees but they are well past their prime.

'The Windmill' pub at Chipperfield was our lunch stop. Nearby was a pond where the surrounding vegetation had been cut back leaving a fine display of lesser celandine.

In the afternoon we continued to pass many fields of horses (I cannot recall seeing a single farm animal!) and we returned to Chorleywood via the Chess valley and its extensive watercress beds."



  1. Gabriel Newfield18 April 2010 at 21:18

    Dear Jane

    Thanks for your excellent pictures. But please don`t exaggerate the length of the walk. Not 14.5 miles! Definitely no more than 13.8, and cd well be less.

    Glad to see you on the walk. I thought it went well, thanks to the group and the weather: the first time for many weeks that I had got home with no mud on my trousers or shoes.


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