Saturday, 3 April 2010

An Alternative Means of Travel......

Lindsey Purchall provides an appropriately Easter-themed blog post today...

"I went on the very enjoyable ‘St. Albans to Markyate’ walk on Saturday, ably led by Elizabeth Parsons, who, among other achievements, guided us faultlessly, entertained us with numerous engaging stories, and not least got us to the Redbournbury Water Mill before the bakery shop shut.

It was in this establishment, as I purchased a pair of freshly baked spicy wholemeal hot cross buns, that the serving lady addressed me thus:

“Where are you walking today?”

“We’ve come from St. Albans and we are going on to Markyate”.

“How do you get from here to Markyate?”

I was about to reply circumspectly that I wasn’t quite sure but had every faith in our leader, when she went on with a very puzzled expression:

“I mean, I know how to get there by car, but...”

And then as though light suddenly dawned:

“Oh! I suppose there are footpaths!”

It occurred to me that there must be a substantial proportion of the population of the United Kingdom who have utterly no concept of how to travel around other than by car.

We have a mountain to climb here to wean people off their petrol dependency, and start reducing pollution levels.

At least in London there are some active campaigns to encourage people to walk and cycle more, but of course it is much more difficult in rural areas where it can be dangerous to use either method of transport on narrow lanes.

I like to think that perhaps there is one person at the mill who might think about finding some local footpaths to walk when not surrounded by delicious mounds of crusty bread and teacakes."

Thanks Lindsey, and I would like to wish everyone a very Happy Easter.


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