Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Kings Langley with the Blind Ramblers.

Sunday saw Michael Way leading the now annual joint walk with Hampstead Group and the London Blind Ramblers. Michael's report follows...

"Excellent walk with the ever-expanding London Blind Ramblers – nearly 7-mile circular from Kings Langley with a picnic and a pint stop at the lovely green at Chipperfield...

Photo: Michael Way.

" Steve clocked us in at just under 2-1/2 miles an hour which was great

"As usual, London Midland did us proud with a last minute shortage of over-time drivers. So only a train an hour. The cafes at Euston did well out of us

"As to numbers, 8 (including a guest) from Hampstead, 17 from the Blind Ramblers (including several sighted people fortunately). That makes 25.

Michael is at far right.
Photo: Steve Ripley.

Peter and his Guide Dog Dexter..
Photo: Steve Ripley.

Photo: Michael Way.

"Next year, same route (by popular demand) March 25th 2012"