Monday, 18 October 2010

Guildford Circular

I attach photographs taken on Sunday's circular walk from Guildford led by Gary and Eladia Cleary from which you can make a selection for the Rambling On blog. As on Saturday the weather was very good and a party of 15

(including members of the North West London Group) was taken along a delightful route past St Martha's Church, with its excellent views, to Aldbury for our lunch stop where some of us picnicked outside the church and others went to the pub.

In the afternoon we walked through heathland to join the River Wey navigation near St Catherine's Lock. Whilst walking along the towpath we were passed twice by a steam-powered boat called 'Grace'.

Three of us climbed up St Catherine's Hill to see the chapel and enjoy the views but we arrived back at Guildford Station all too soon.


Sunday, 17 October 2010

Hampden Park Circular

Jane Rosoux writes

"I attach photographs taken on Saturday's walk from Hampden Park from which you can make a selection for the Rambling On blog.

"The weather was lovely and a party of eight set out from Hampden Park Station led by Clare Kirkbride. Because of a recent burst sewer beneath the section of the Cuckoo Trail Clare had been planning to use she had to make last-minute changes to the route but it did not spoil a delightful day out on the expansive marshland of the Pevensey Levels. We enjoyed the sights of huntsmen and hounds returning from a morning's hunting


"a scarecrow (a relatively uncommon sight these days)

"and the distant sight of the main Herstmonceaux observatory.

"Instead of returning to Hampden Park, we ended the walk at Polegate Station tired but happy."

Many Thanks Jane.


Sunday, 3 October 2010

Enfield Lock via Epping Forest to Chingford

After the deluge of the last few days Sunday dawned with clear patches of blue sky and NO RAIN!

Of course, nothing runs perfectly. I awoke at 5.30 this morning to discover that the Victoria Line was suspended. I duly took the Tube Replacement bus to Tottenham Hale only to be confronted by every Rambler's most persistent nightmare....

Some people had obviously been waiting for quite a while...

Sometimes I think there is a conspiracy against travelling at the weekend. As things worked out I arrived at the start of the walk by another train and only 3 or 4 minutes behind schedule.

Sadly I suspect the train problems and weather combined had deterred most walkers. Hardy only had two of us on his walk, though at least it ensured we kept to the brisk pace advertised.

Early on we encountered some horses which had obviously shrunk in the rain...

We managed to avoid the perils of flying Golf balls...

and Fly Agaric hallucinations...

The highlight was the atmospheric stockade of Loughton Camp....

[The Intrepid Trio at Loughton Camp. From Left,Hardy, Selinda and myself.]

We headed into the West alongside Connaught Water, happy with nine miles walked and the sunshine breaking out once more. Many thanks Hardy.

UPDATE: 10.30 p.m. Hardy has sent me the following message:

"I reconnoitred the walk from Enfield Lock to Chingford 6 times before I decided on the exact route and finally led it. The first half is through fields, over a few hills and the flood-plain of River Lee. The second part through Epping Forest is glorious, especially the section through Loughton Camp.

The weather was not as glorious as the views and Train cancellations must also have put some people off, but it was disappointing that only two other people turned up. I would have been happier if there had been more walkers benefitting from my labour of love."