Monday, 27 July 2009

Wendover Circular via Great Missenden

Today's walk was led by Gabriel Newfield. Gabriel was accompanied by eleven human ramblers and two dogs, Tess and Pupa (pronounced Poohpah). As always on a ramble with dogs, the advantages of having four legs were obvious, with both canines literally running rings around the rest of us. I always find the bounding (boundless?) enthusiasm of dogs rather inspiring on a walk; they never want to stop.

This is a rare shot of Pupa actually standing still. Her human is on the far Right. If you look carefully you can also see Tess, the tan and white dog in the middle right, next to her owner Harriet. Walk Leader Gabriel is wearing the blue Kepi, right background.

I often describe the Chilterns as Hampstead Ramblers' home turf. This farm certainly does nothing to dispel that idea..

Some of the route certainly encouraged us to use some corny puns...

An a maizeing route!


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