Saturday, 18 July 2009

Mortimer Circular via Silchester.

A midweek walk through the far Roman Empire led by Will George. Jane Rosoux writes...

"There were four of us including the leader, Will George. The morning route took us across fields where the crops included dried peas, past Burghfield and through plantations (mainly conifers) When we arrived at the Oval Pond we stopped for lunch and Will George and Olga Way had a swim.

The water was iron-rich...

After lunch the showers became heavier and more frequent but we eventually arrived at the ruins of Silchester (Calleva Atrebatum). We were impressed by the state of preservation of the outer wall

and by the variety of mosses growing on it. There was an interesting postbox near the amphitheatre

and an unusually-shaped spire on Stratfield Mortimer church...

The whole walk took around four hours excluding the swim / lunch stop and we walked around 10 miles."

Many Thanks to Jane.


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