Tuesday, 4 August 2009

25th Anniversary Picnic and Walk.

Last Saturday saw 14 ramblers gather below the Stone of Free Speech on Parliament Hill, Hampstead Heath. We had a picnic, then moved off for a quick circumnavigation of our parent Heath.

Both picnic and walk were organised by John Rogers, pictured above third from left.

En route we managed to stop for some culture, in this case a sculpture by Barbara Hepworth.

The birdwatchers amongst us enjoyed seeing a Grey Heron..

The view from the Pergola was impressive too.. This is the Herb Garden.

The photos above were all taken by Jane Rosoux, doughty Walks Organiser for the Hampstead Group and photographer extraordinaire. Because she takes so many photographs she very rarely appears in one. So, to celebrate I offer you Jane not once but twice.

She is seen below in action,

And in this group photo, showing the Ramblers taking in the view over London from atop Kite Hill...

(Left to Right, Annie Lynn, Paula Bento, John Rogers, Robin Midwinter, Penny Taylor, Angela Reilly-Ripley and Jane Rosoux.)

To round the day's events off, we even bumped into an open air wedding...

We ended the day by raising a glass to the next 25 years at the Bull and Last.



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