Friday, 28 November 2008

Rambling On - The Blog!!!

It may be that The Rambler's Association still has a bobble-hat and worsteds sort of image. This blog will hopefully show that Ramblers can be as up-to-date as any Gore-tex clad city type clutching a Blackberry!

I will aim to make this blog useful, interactive, entertaining and campaigning. To do any of this, I need people to get involved. I will provide the backbone, the structure, but it is the Ramblers out there in the real world who need to get involved.

What Can You Do?
I'm glad you asked that... I would welcome any input. Any Ramblers are positively encouraged to suggest features for the blog.

Walk reviews and photos will be gratefully received. To email me privately, just click on the Email Me link to the right of this post and an email form will open up. Please note that individual names and email adresses will not be shown on the blog unless specifically requested.

If you wish to add a comment to any posts on this blog, just click on the comments box below the post. Comments may be anonymous, or you can leave your name, or a nickname or a link to your own website.

To protect the good reputation of this site, comments will only appear after I have approved them, so there will be a delay between readers submitting comments and seeing them on the blog.

My wife and I are members of the Hampstead Group of the Rambler's Association, but welcome input from anyone who shares our belief that walking is good for the soul....

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