Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Horsley circular

Jane Rosoux writes...

I attach photographs taken on the Joint Hampstead and Northwest London group 13.5 mile circular walk from Horsley on Sunday, 19th June led by Stephen Bird

[Stephen Bird is pictured Centre].

There were 17 of us in the party and we were fortunate with the weather. Stephen led us on an interesting route which started off by taking us past several 'Lovelace Bridges', which were constructed by the 1st Earl of Lovelace in 1860s in the hilly woods of his estate as part of a network of gently-graded tracks which were laid to facilitate the transport of timber on horse-drawn carts.

The lunch stop was in the very attractive village of Shere, the Parish Church of which is noted for the remains of an Anchoress' cell where Christine Carpenter was immured for several years in the 14th century. She had a squint built into the church wall so that she could see services and she was passed food and drink through the outer wall.

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