Sunday, 30 January 2011

West Hornden Circular

"I attach photographs taken on Stephen Bird's circular walk from West Hornden on Sunday, 30th January.

"Six of us went on the walk and were fortunate that the weather was dry. The lunch stop was at Herongate, at the 'Green Man' and the distance covered was 12 miles.

"I am afraid that none of the photographs are very interesting - the skies were very overcast for most of the day and the vegetation lacked colour.

"Although we returned to West Hornden Station before 4.00 pm and had hoped to get home at a reasonably early hour it was not to be because damaged overhead cables meant that there were no trains at all on the line for nearly two hours and when a train did finally arrive it turned round at Barking, leaving us to stand around on a chilly platform for another lengthy period.

"Such is life...."

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  1. Love the pub sign!
    Pubs are the most important part of any walk!!
    Check out my walking blog:


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