Monday, 13 September 2010

Cherry Tree Wood to Gillespie Park

Yesterday I had the enjoyable task of leading a walk of my own.
It was a fine sunny day, and I was lucky enough to have my wife Angela helping me.

23 other Ramblers joined us for a walk through North London's ancient woodlands and nature reserves.

I'm wittering on at the left in this photo. I always try and give my walking groups some background on the areas we walk through.

We went through Highgate and Queen's Woods. As always, we found some quirky artworks in the latter.

I think these tea bag chains are a comment on our wasteful consumer lifestyles. Either that or they are just chains of used teabags...

We moved on to the Parkland Walk, a linear Nature Reserve created from a disused railway line.

This is the group going through the remains of Crouch End station platforms.

We said hello to the Spriggan again....

The Spriggan is an elf or pixie, known for causing mischief and stealing children. The Spriggan sculpture is by Marilyn Collins. Click Here for more info on her work.

We went through Finsbury Park and then onwards to Gillespie Park Nature Reserve...

Pictured above are Henriette and Angela, with Mollie the Labradoodle; all heading to Gillespie Park with the Emirates Stadium in the distance.

We arrived at Gillespie park after 5 leisurely miles. The Ecology Centre was celebrating it's 23rd anniversary. There was delicious organic food, homemade jams and chutneys, not to forget

Morris Men!!!

I leave you with a group photo I took.

Thanks to everyone who came and made the walk so enjoyable.

Especial thanks to Jane Rosoux for all the other photos above.


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