Saturday, 28 August 2010

Hertford East Circular

A gloriously warm and sunny day contrasted with the weather of the last few days for Michael and Olga Way's walk.

Despite severe Tube disruptions no less than Thirteen walkers joined Michael for an interesting and enjoyable Ramble around Hertford East.

[Michael and Olga are 3rd and 4th from the left above].

Among the walkers were a visitor from Carolina in the United States, and a walker new to Rambling. Yet again a Short (6 miles) walk on a Saturday proved exceedingly popular.

Early on in the walk we crossed over a weir where an intrepid canoist was demonstrating his skills to a rapt audience...

Fairy rings were much in evidence...

We picnicked in the glorious sunshine on the banks of the River Lea...

In the afternoon we reached Scott's Grotto.
Built in the 18th Century English Heritage describe it as "the finest grotto in the country." The chambers and passageways are decorated with thousands of seashells, coloured glass and flints..

[The entrance to Scott's Grotto].

I managed to find our leader despite the darkness!...

We even managed to fit in a quick drink in Ware.

Everyone had a great day. With views like this, how could we not?


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