Sunday, 30 May 2010

Ore to Hastings

I attach photographs taken on the Hampstead Group 20 mile ramble from Ore to Hastings on Saturday, 29th May led by Clare Kirkbride.

[Clare is 2nd left].

There were only 5 in the party, possibly because of the long journey and a bad weather forecast, although in the event although there was some rain it was not too bad. The route we took was along the Saxon Shore Way to Fairlight Glen but avoiding the steep ups and downs in the Fire Hills. We then followed the Royal Millitary Canal to Winchelsea, stopping for lunch at the 'New Inn', and returned to Hastings via the 1066 Country Walk, stopping for tea at 'The Plough' at Westfield.

It was a strenuous but enjoyable day.


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