Sunday, 28 February 2010

Five Peaks Walk

Jane Rosoux writes....

"I attach a few photographs of the Tumulus on Hampstead Heath, the Alexandra Palace section of the Parkland Walk and Alexandra Palace itself for your Rambling On blog.

These were all passed on Robin Midwinter's walk from Regent's Park Station to Alexandra Palace Station on Saturday, 27th February. The morning was overcast and drizzly and not good for photography. It was also very wet and muddy underfoot as a result of the rain on Friday and overnight.

Nevertheless, Robin had 9 other participants at one time or another. He led a convoluted route which went via Regent's Park and Primrose Hill to enter Hampstead Heath near Gospel Oak Station.

[The Tumulus, probably a Neolithic burial mound...]

[....Certainly the oldest man-made feature on the Heath]

He then went via Parliament Hill, the Tumulus, Viaduct Pond, the Vale of Health Pond, Whitestone Pond, West Heath (the Pergola was closed for repairs) and Golders Hill Park. Lunch was taken at 'The Old Bull and Bush'. After lunch he crossed Sandy Heath to the 'Spaniards Inn', entered Kenwood by Ikin Gate and left it by Millfield Gate then went along Fitzroy Park to Highgate and through Highgate Wood to the Parkland Walk...

...then via Alexandra Palace, where a motorbike show was taking place, to Alexandra Palace Station.

[Robin Midwinter, the walk leader, on the Parkland Walk.]

The total distance was around 11 miles."

Many Thanks to Jane for the report and the photos.


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