Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Rochford Circular

Ten Ramblers joined Walk Leader Jane Rosoux on the South coast near Southend last Sunday.

As we moved out to the coast the countryside ...

gave way to a more bleak, windswept landscape...

Our walk was planned to be 15 miles long,

though some navigational difficulties led to us walking 17!

History, both ancient and modern, surrounded us. We walked through the site of the court of King Canute, Canewdon.

The village lock-up would have been used to detain miscreants overnight until they could be transported to the county jail.

This pill box was part of the coastal defences from the second World War.

The low-lying, flood-prone estuary land even led some of the local farmers to build structures on stilts....

Finally, we were all puzzled as to what the crop was in this picture. Any suggestions or ideas? Just click on "comments" below right and share your thoughts.


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