Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Spring Bluebells around Wendover

A stomach bug flattened me over the weekend, so on Sunday I missed one of the walks I had been looking forward to for months, Joe Garver leading a circular walk around Bluebell woods in the Chilterns.

Luckily Jane Rosoux went on the walk with her trusty camera. She wasn't alone, there were 48 other ramblers, led by the ever-popular Joe Garver. Joe lives in Wendover, and knows the area like the back of his hand.

This photo was taken early on in the walk. Joe is centre right, in the checked shirt.

With this many walkers, it is always sensible to appoint a backmarker. Joe had arranged for Peter, pictured below, to do the job on Sunday.

Have staff, will backmark!

At the beginning of the walk there were some very cute black (well, dark brown) sheep

But the real stars of the show were, of course, the Bluebell Woods, as these photos show...

The weather was perfect, dry warm and sunny

You can see why a backmarker is needed to keep an eye on the stragglers!


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