Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Ramblers' Views Wanted By UCL

Hampstead Ramblers received the following email yesterday from Nick Antram, a masters degree student at University College London.

"I am a student on University College London's HCI MSc course. We are
designing a navigation aid for hillwalkers aged 40 and over.

"I am writing to ask if you and your group members would be able to help us
by completing a quick questionnaire to help us establish what your needs
might be from such a device. This data will be used to help form the
design and give us an idea of what features are important on the hill.

"The questionnaire can be found here

"It is anonymous and the data will only be used for this survey.

With regards

Nick Antram

Nick has also said he will let us know what designs his team come up with. The questionnaire only takes about 10 minutes, so please click on the link above and play your part in designing the next generation of navigational aids!

Update Friday 20th March 2009: Thanks to huge response, Nick has enough data for this stage of his research, and has closed the survey. Nick emailed that "...your group's help was much appreciated." Thanks to all who helped out.


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