Sunday, 18 January 2009

Fifteen in the Forest

Our Ramble this week was a circular seven mile walk around Epping Forest.The gales and hail of Saturday night gave way to a sunny day with a promise of spring. As usual the transport system seemed to be against us, the dreaded Rail Replacement signs were out again on the Victoria Line.

The regular Rambling On bird spotting corner this week features the rare Plastic Owl, spotted scaring birds from the indicator board on Platform 2 of Chingford Railway Station.

The fourteen members of Hampstead Ramblers were ably led by Maija Roberts, the group Treasurer, pictured below, centre.

As Maija said "we've been blessed." Perfect weather.

The sun shone through blue skies...

Epping is timeless. Some trees are like ruined castles, proudly defying decay...

A personal highlight for me was finally finding Loughton Camp. The camp is an earthwork of ditch and ramp which dates back to the Iron Age. It is thought that the ramp was topped by fence posts and was used by the farmers as an enclosure for their livestock. It provided protection against bears, wolves and wild boar.

As you step down into the ditch you are stepping back in time...

Before we reached our destination, we took time to rest under this magnificent oak tree.

The days are lengthening, woodpeckers are drumming, Spring cannot be far away...

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  1. William Morris's works was not on the Abbey Mill Craft site that was Liberty. William Morris'w works were down stream where Sainsbury is now.


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